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A short history of the Women's Council of Dallas County, Inc.


Established on May 4, 1954, the Women's Council of Dallas County (Women's Council) is a voluntary, non-partisan, nonprofit organization composed of diverse members and organizations. 
The Women's Council was organized by a group of Dallas women who cared about social issues within the  city, county and state. Our founders are:   
  • Mrs. Sawnie Aldredge
  • Mrs. Carl B. Callaway
  • Mrs. James F. Chambers, Jr.
  • Mrs. Willam J. Lewis
  • Mrs. Carl L. Phinney
Each year, the Women's Council organizes educational programs to illuminate community problems such as  homelessness, sexual assault, education and health services. The Women's Council works with civic and  community leaders to advocate for and implement positive changes for the welfare of our communities.  Since 1999, the Women's Council has taken a grassroots educational role in order to impact the community  through advocacy and collaborative programming.
Some of our accomplishments include:
  • Founded Meals on Wheels
  • Published the first teen pregnancy study in Dallas
  • Gave a major grant to Downtown Dallas Family Shelter (now Family Gateway) to  help combat homelessness
  • Developed the Health and Human Services Coalition of Dallas County